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Parenting as an Impossible Performance

       was so 

  angryshe was so angryshe haterageloathedestructionmaniacaldiabolicalresentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentangerhaterageloathedestructionmaniacaldiabolicalresentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentmentangerhaterageloathedestructionmaniacaldiabolicalresentmentmentmentmentmentmenthe was 

so angryshe was 

so angryshe was so angryshe was so angrilyshe 

was so angryshe was 

     so angryshe was so 



so angryshe 


so angryshe was angryshe was 

  so angryshe was so 

angryshe was so angryshe 

was so angryssssssssss

she smiled and said: there, there.

Lockdown Scavenger Hunt

Fun for all the family!

When All This is Over 

That we need each other—this is the whip,

this is the lesson. 

Words worked as a wedge, a placard waving: 


Yet the meta-text was always: embrace me,

wrap your limbs around me.

Place your cheek upon mine. Rest.




Soon, there will be a future: touch & skin.

But first crack the ribs, pluck out greed,

want, envy, with that eagle’s beak.

Pile the past high. Light the fire. 

This is the only way. The only chance. 

Turn your back on that old burning world.


Not going to lie everyone I’m really fuckin struggling right now. Can't go on.

Mate I don't know you but I'm going through a similar thing. If you want to chat pal I'm here for you.


Hey. You don't really know me, I know, but my DMs are open for ranting, sadness, whatever. Chin up our kid.

Hello. I hear you. And I’m really sorry to hear that you’re struggling. But I want you to know that you can go on and I am so glad that you are here.

Hey, I know it’s really bloody hard at the moment, but just little steps is amazing. Staying still is amazing. It’s a really nasty fog, but the sun will pop it’s head out soon, and shine on your face x

Big hugs. Don't you make long term solutions to shortish term problems. X


I know how you're feeling, suffocating isn't it? Hit me up if you want to vent, we'll get through this.


Everything is terrible at the moment I know. It is absolutely going to get for you better though, I swear it will.


this is why we have to hold each other up <3 x

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