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I Looked Up At the Sky and I, Imagined All of the Stars Were My Sisters
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“I Looked Up at the Sky and I,

Imagined All of the Stars Were My Sisters” 


I've dreamt of the ocean

and having mental orgasms with mermaids,

imaging our swimming bodies in bodies of water.


We were not concerned with what's in between your legs. Our legs. 

Momma said, “there would be days like this”. It was lonnnnngggg 

and nasty. Getting wet can be a trick

and treat at the same damn time


I’ve been dreaming of worlds were black and brown goddess' roam free. 

Under the moon light, high on hill tops. Glowing in the Sun.


Twerking when ever we feel the urge to pop,



drop it.

Energy levels perpetually on fleek. Fleeky


Melanin so warm and deep. Deeper. 

Skin tones of gold satin. of bronze goddess. Maya.


Smooth like almond milk. Rolling down curves.  

petty butter. You feel me?


I looked up at the sky and I,

imagined all of the stars were my sisters. 

To look around the room and know that 

I am my sisters keeper, we are our sisters keepers. 


Sometimes I think about you and us

and my heart is full. I pour over and let myself spill. T


I feel like my spirit is finely tuned

to be in sync with




spirit tainted by your fatherfuckers on this earth. 

And in any given moment we could all make this world crumble. 

At our feet. An ancestral pulse,

a shared wavelength.


She passes and I feel her body escape her. 

Her spirit moves through my entire being. Up the ladder of my spine


It lifts us up into the atmosphere.

In one fell swoop we destroy mankind.


We exhale and float down on a cloud of cotton blankets. 

A residual and current fuck you





dedicated to my trans siblings. We are,




We are, here. We are, divine beings. Descendants of Yemaya.


We are, Protected.

We are, Shielded.


We are earth, air, fire and water.


We are, the beginning and the end. the next and the present. 

We are, the future and the now.


We are, here!


Video Credits:


Creative Director, Performance and Text by

Keijaun Thomas


Director of Photography,  Editing and Sound design by

Charles Rice


Filmed on location in Chicago, November 2020

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