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In an attempt to understand the power of language and the muscularity of speech. I started to explore the essence of articulation and the relationship between movement and sound. 

The Dancing Tongue’ explores the relationship between this very essence. In a simple way, this is a film that shows the mouth open and the movement of the tongue as I attempt to speak in tongues; that is the movement of glossolalia from the tongue's perspective. 

Creating an impossible performance, this work is an extension of my research which seeks to examine the relevance of glossolalia in performance practice. 

The relevance of this impossible performance is apparent in our social and political operations today; we are locked in our homes, locked in our existence and controlled by factors that are uncontrollable by any human reasoning. Much like glossolalia, a force that lives as a spiritual essence and spoken into a world of physicality and product. This is a new reality and a new existence through articulation. In this movement becomes a bridge to existence. An enabler; movement allows for the visuality of noise- sound- the living force that can not be controlled but is a product of life. 

The impossibility of this performance is then an imaginative task between the work and its observer. In this, the viewer is asked through the reckoning of visualizing such work to imagine what sound is being made and how it is experienced by the simple act of looking at the tongue as it moves up, down, side to side.

The Dancing Tongue 
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