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Knowledge is commun i






In order to be a Participant in the Occurrence, Participant's must consent to:

i. Participant's auras | kinspheres being momentarily augmented by a yet–to–be–known substance (originating from Echinacea Flower and Rose Quarts Crystal) created through a

hybrid process (trans–con–figuration|fusion). Each Participant's aura will revert to its previous state as each Participant moves beyond the Occurrence. Only those who consent to

this process may be Participants in the Occurrence.

ii. Being put to sleep momentarily in Presence with sleeping Participants and The Facilitator – while also being viewed sleeping.

iii. Briefly touching The Facilitator's naked body – or –  assigning a point of touch via thought|gaze at a contact point on The Facilitator's body.

iv. Being moved by Presence.

v. Occurrence with Presence.

All others are welcomed as Witness to the Occurrence. This shall be from The Adjacent; an adrift plane of translucent graphene aerogel, directly above the Occurrence.

Access to the The Adjacent is via mass teleportation. From the The Adjacent, all shall be Witness to the Occurrence.

Access to the Occurrence is by singular, sequential, teleportation.

From the Occurrence all shall be Participants – excluding The Facilitator.




Presence becomes.

The Facilitator  – being of all–yet–no sex –  continuing as will always continue; is floating naked and prone in a meditative state, one unit above the floor in the centre of the Occurrence, The Facilitator is rotating on a horizontal axis.


Singularly – a Participant teleports to the Occurrence. Presence moves the Participant to consciously touch The Facilitator's body – a single, light, touch – anywhere on The Facilitator's body. At the place of contact an Echinacea Flower sprouts and blooms. 

The Echinacea Flower commun i 






… through Presence to the Participant.

In a spontaneous moment of absolute knowing, the Participant is able and willing to commun   i  









... Presence. 

As the Participant does, the Echinacea Flower petrifies into almost–but–not–quite Rose Quarts Crystal. A hybrid process of petrification and fusion. A trans–con–figuration. Something Else. At this moment, the Participant comfortably lower themself to the floor  – or –  relaxes into their supporting device  – or –  is comfortably and consensually supported to the floor by Presence. Here, the Participant peacefully falls asleep.

Loop. This process continues (again and again) until the space is comfortably filled with sleeping Participants, along with Presence, The Facilitator and Else. Witness view from The Adjacent. As the final Participant falls asleep; breathing of all Participants synchronises. 

                                                                     C                                                     I

                                                                     o                                                     n

                                                                     l                                                      h  

                                                                     l                                                      a 

                                                                     e                                                     l 

                                                                     c                                                     a 

                                                                     t                                                      l 

                                                                     i                                                      i 

                                                                     v                                                     o 

                                                                     e                                                     n. 



Participants wake (The Facilitator continues as will always continue); restfully, content. Aware. 

Else begins to breakdown into a delicate, glittering powder which encapsulates The Facilitator in a shimmering cloud; the colour of which, previously unknowable to Participants

and Witness

Else disperses throughout the Occurrence, toward Participants

As Else approaches Participants, Else begins to dissolve into Participant's auras | kin-spheres.


                                                                     a   s   r   a   i   n   m   e   r   g   e   s   w   i   t   h   a   l   a   k   e 


This process is welcomed by and beneficial to all Participants. 

A sensation previously unknowable – resembling awe touching oneness – overwhelms Participants

The Facilitator continues as will always continue. 

Witness teleport from The Adjacent. The Adjacent vanishes.

Participants teleport from the Occurrence. Each Participant's aura | kin-sphere returns to its pre Occurrence state.

Presence becomes again. 


Δ  Pre Occurrence is not possible. There is only the OccurrenceOccurrence, Participants, Witness, The Adjacent and Else were–and–are elsewhere–and–when.

Ω  Post Occurrence is not possible. There is only the OccurrenceOccurrence, Participants, Witness, The Adjacent and Else were–and–are elsewhere–and–when.

The Facilitator continues as will always continue.

Presence becomes again ad infinitum.


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