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Benjamin Sebastian | Venice International Performance Art Week | 2013 | Photographed by Monika Sobczak

Benjamin Sebastian | Venice Internationa

Benjamin Sebastian 

Benjamin Sebastian (AUS/UK 1980) is an artist/curator living in London UK Their work is an anarcho-queer-feminist technology attempting to hack narratives of heteronormativity patriarchy and capitalism – by illuminating our spiritual, sexual & animal selves – while centring a tech friendly neuro-divergent and non-binary subjectivity

Specialising in time-based mediums & incorporating emotive explicit & esoteric methodologies (such as contemporary chaos magic eroticism tattooing ritual and gender fuckery) Sebastian's work explores transformation/transition animalism memento mori queerness artificial intelligence & personal de-colonial/anti-racist practices 

Ultimately Sebastian is feeling their way out of historic binary relations and reaching towards new narratives & ways of being in the world

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